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About ThermoVision Clinical Thermography

ThermoVision Clinical Thermography was founded with a purpose to give people a choice when it comes to their Health Risk Assessment. 

ThermoVision's team undergo two separate professional pieces of training with two different professional instructors. It was twice as expensive as standard requirements for certification in Clinical Thermography.

With a superior service in mind, ThermoVision's team is available for an appointment 7 days a week between 7 am and 7 pm.
Conveniently located in Keystone the Crossing area, ThemoVision office is easily accessible in Professional Building: 3815 River Crossing Pkwy #117, Indianapolis, IN 46240.





ThermoVision is Owned and Operated

by Genie Goykhberg 





"Genie and her family escaped from the Soviet Union in 1989. Six months later, April 4th of 1990, they arrived in the US as so-called "Unfounded Refugees". Their entire possession contained four suitcases, $400, and few words in English. Genie is very patriotic and thanks Americans for the opportunities this country has afforded her and her family.

Clinical Thermography is her passion!
Her background in custom built machinery designs with minor in Physics has guided her to be extremely particular in selecting the best D.I.T.I. Equipment for the job, and hiring the most qualified team of Medical Doctors, trained Thermologists, for interpretation of thermal imaging. 

As a scientist, Genie has a special appreciation for extensive training in everything she does. Board Certified Naturopath, with a keen understanding of Human Dynamics, Genie spend time with patients, making sure they feel safe, comfortable, and have an understanding of what thermography is offering them. Genie’s extensive education and experience in all walks of life make her and her company a highly valued resource in the community. Her passion for assisting people and her magnetic personality assure a pleasurable and informative appointment. 


7 days/week 8am - 8pm at:



3815 River Crossing Pkwy #100-177,

Indianapolis, IN 46240


Near Marriot Hotel ay Keystone Crossing

ThermoVision Indianapolis
ThermoVision Indianapolis Genie Goykhberg
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